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Disturbing details have emerged regarding the case of Abdirihin Osman Wanaas, a member of the Southwest security police force in Diinsoor city. 😢

The sequence of events leading to Wanaas’s quick execution is both harrowing and deeply concerning. 😔

When Wanaas encountered a civilian man carrying a gun, he acted swiftly to ensure public safety. However, what unfolded next was shocking. The civilian handed the gun to the owner, who turned out to be the attacker, that is Ibrahim Salaad Weerow. 😱

An argument ensued, and Weerow fired three shots at Wanaas. In a desperate act of self-defense, Wanaas fired one shot, tragically hitting Weerow in the head.

Eyewitnesses confirm that Weerow was the aggressor, despite the gun being initially carried by a civilian.

Following the incident, Wanaas surrendered himself to the authorities, and after one day wanaas was kidnapped from Diinsoor police station and was flown to baydhabo where he was subjected to unimaginable torture in Baydhabo court

This horrific chain of events raises serious questions about the integrity of the investigation.

The lack of on-site examination and the questionable death sentence by the Baydhabo court call into question their professionalism and commitment to justice. 🤔

The family and the community demand justice for Abdirihin Osman Wanaas and a comprehensive investigation into his tragic death. The rule of law must prevail, and those responsible for his torture and extrajudicial execution must be held accountable. 🙏🏼

Let us unite in solidarity against such grave violations of human rights. Together, we can make a difference and ensure #JusticeForWanaas. It’s time to #EndImpunity. 🌍💔🕊️..

JusticeForWanaas #EndImpunity #HumanRights #Justice #Unity #StandTogether #DemandJustice #TragicIncident #Accountability #RuleOfLaw #TogetherWeCanMakeADifference

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London, Southwest

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Copyright © 2024 Barawee Human Right Protection Developed By Rex Technologies