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Urgent Appeal for Intervention in Diinsoor, Somalia

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I hope you’re doing well. However, I must bring to your attention a deeply concerning situation unfolding in Diinsoor, Somalia.

The conflict, fueled by certain leaders in the Southwest, has reached a critical point where the lives of innocent civilians are at stake.

Reports from civil society groups indicate that the crisis has already resulted in the tragic loss of 33 innocent lives, including those of the warring parties. What is even more distressing is the silence of the Somali federal and state leaders in the face of such a dire situation.

As a consequence of the ongoing fighting, 1371 households have been forcibly displaced, leaving numerous families without homes or access to basic necessities.

The people of Diinsoor and the lower Shabele region are enduring unimaginable injustices.

In light of this urgent situation, Baraawe Human Rights Protection is calling upon the Somali government and the international community to intervene and exert pressure on President Laftagareen to bring an immediate end to the crisis in Diinsoor.

It is crucial that he takes immediate steps to halt the aggression and work towards a swift resolution of the conflict.

We implore the authorities and the global community to stand in solidarity with the affected communities and work towards a safer and more just Somalia.

The protection of human rights must be a top priority, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that justice is served and peace is restored.

We kindly request your support in amplifying this urgent appeal for intervention. Together, we can make a difference and bring attention to the plight of the innocent victims in Diinsoor.

Please consider sharing this message on your social media platforms and using the hashtags #Diinsoor #Somalia #HumanRights #JusticeForAll #Peace #StandTogether to raise awareness and encourage others to join our cause.

Thank you for your attention and for standing up for justice and peace.


Zahra M Omar
Baraawe Human Rights Protection

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London, Southwest

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